Remington, Remington, Core-Lokt, 360 Buckhammer, 180 Grain, Soft Point, 20 Round Box

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  • Groundbreaking New Caliber, 360 Buckhammer
  • Ultimate Straight Wall Cartridge, Optimized For Lever Action Rifles
  • Accurate At 200+ Yards
  • Easy To Shoot, Low Recoil
  • Velocity, Energy And Drop Similar To 30-30 Win
  • Massive .358 Diameter Bullets Deliver Deadly Results On-Game

360 Buckhammer is the straight wall cartridge that flattens them all. A knock-down” drag-out” lever gun leader in straightwall cartridge performance” 360 BHMR delivers flat trajectories and more bone-busting energy and velocity out to 200 yards than the rest. Accurate” deadly” and fun to shoot” it’s every deer-flattening advantage you need.

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